Poet puzzlers – john foggin

Our second victim to be tossed into the thresher we call the Poet Puzzlers is a Puzzle Hall Poets cornerstone. For 6 years, alongside Bob Horne, he has run, compered, hosted, marketed, breathed life into Puzzle Hall Poets Live (and continues to do so despite officially letting some new muppets have a go). He needs no introduction (so pretend you haven’t read that). The one and only, John ‘The Great Fogginzo’ Foggin. Continue reading “Poet puzzlers – john foggin”

A Little Lockdown Light

Good morning, and a happy April to everyone.
We really hope everyone is staying safe and well in these strangest of times. Obviously we are missing all of your lovely faces terribly and as a small offering to help stave off the urge to scale the walls, we’ve started a new interview series – The Poet Puzzlers (blame Steve for the cheesy name). First up is our very own Laura Potts. Continue reading “A Little Lockdown Light”